• Political Consulting

    The Estopinan Group is a political consulting firm that works to manage political campaigns as well as corporate reputation. The goal of The Estopinan Group is to help clients influence public opinion, influence the minds of the public, build and maintain reputations, help clients through difficult crises, and manage legislation and regulations as well as helping clients win campaigns.

Political Consulting Expertise

  • Focus on Presidential Candidates in Foreign Countries

    We at The Estopinan Group focus on the Presidential Candidates in Foreign countries. Art oversees the political campaigns in all aspects. We possess right experience in planning and executing successful campaigns, staff hiring, fundraising, media presence and political strategy.

  • Strategy, Branding, Vision for Presidential Campaign

    An important key to the success of your campaign plan is that it must be comprehensive with right strategy, Branding and a Vision. The Estopinan Group specializes in putting together the right strategy, branding plans with a vision. Our methodology includes Political Environment, Assumptions, and Analysis, Demographics, Message, Issue Development, Grassroots, timeline and budget.

  • Identifying Support

    The Estopinan Group helps its clients to identify their supporters in different demography to solidify support. Our methodology helps our clients to study and understand best practices to gain support in specific regions.

  • Innovative Planning

    The Estopinan Group helps its client to reach out additional voters with innovative plan. Our campaign methodology has been effective and we have assisted clients to win over additional votes through our innovative approach.

  • Media Strategy

    Over the years Estopinan Group has helped its clients with effective Communication and Media Strategy plans for campaigns. This includes paid media (TV/Radio, Newspapers etc), Direct mail, Collateral Materials, Campaign Colors, Tag Line and earned media i.e. press coverage etc