• Government Relations

    Outcome is the only goal of Art Estopinan’s campaign, and it’s central to the success. The Estopinan group approaches government relations as a factor of continual and thoughtful engagement, concluding with the right strategy that reverberates with the right decision makers. Art Estopinan

Government Relations Expertise

  • Strategy – Branding - Vision and Implementation Plan

    Each client has diverse goals requiring a unique footprint in Washington DC. The Estopinan Group collaborates with its clients, plunging deep into their business objectives and agendas to create the most effective strategy for fruitful engagement on the Hill. We leverage a range of global and national policy experience to develop, implement, and execute strategies that reverberate to drive the change

    The Estopinan Group has unparalled expertise in mapping its client’s touch points with its key stakeholders and develop relevant, unique and gripping customer experiences. We work with our clients to make the case for change inside their organization and equip & motivate employees to understand their strategies and actually execute it - in a fun and engaging way.

  • Issue Advocacy

    The Estopinan Group works with associations, businesses and individuals around the country and globally.

    With over thousands of bills introduced in a two-year Congressional session, staying informed about daily policy details that could impact you is difficult. The Estopinan Group steers the federal policy maze for leading national associations, and help you stay informed. We keep an eye on legislative activities, attend hearings, research policy issues, track regulatory changes, grant opportunities, and provide strategic advice to ensure that you always have the most current information.

  • Grassroots and Coalition Building for Targeted Mission

    The Estopinan Group is leader in building Grassroots and Coalitions. Like building any network—be it friends, professional associates, or clients, Art Estopinan is an expert in bringing together a group of people who share a common interest. The advantages of building coalitions are that the campaign can independently direct the growth and substance of the coalition, and can ensure the coalition’s support.

  • Crisis Management

    Companies spend years building their brand and establishing their reputation. But once crisis hits, the CEOs and their teams are all of a sudden under siege. The Estopinan Group’s crisis management approach applies a series of proven tools throughout the procedure to help manage reputation in the face of crisis. Art Estopinan is an expert in discovering the facts, define contextual circumstances, categorize the gravity of the situation and define the operational measures needed immediately. Our methodology includes constant communication with all stakeholders, listening and responding to all issues and concerns.

  • Policy Expertise

    We at The Estopinan Group dedicate a significant amount of time to staying abreast of all major news and trends across all sector’s policy, Art possess specific experience with aspects of different policies. This applies to both broad topics that affect every industry as well as to more specific topics that apply to a smaller set of industries. Art’s strength lies in our ability to understand how complex policy topics apply to the day-to-day operations and long-term goals of a professional industry.

    Art takes a policy driven approach to government relations. Over the past 27 years we have worked hard to establish a prestige as honest experts on complex policy topics. We strive hard to constantly working to stay updated on the actions of both chambers of Congress and every Federal Agency involved in the making of Policy. We regularly track the work of think tanks and crucial industry associations to stay ahead of the curve on all important policy proposals and initiatives. Art is regularly asked to participate on panels and give presentations on important policy topics and trends.

  • Communications and Media Relations

    Success is defined as delivering results and exceeding client expectations. Art is an expert in Communications and Media Relations. The Estopinan Group has helped multiple clients across United States and globally to gain attention, and to advertise it services at a higher order of creativity.

  • Lobbying

    The Estopinan Group has an incredible expertise in Lobbying in the United States and Internationally. Art has spent more than 25 years in lobbying for Congress, Administration, Federal Government, Foreign Private Sector Entities and Foreign Governments